Safety means the prevention of losses, related to Personnel or equipment during an industrial process. We at SGS have given safety the highest possible profile.

We feel it's our responsibility to ensure safety, health, Environmental protection and also the welfare of our Staff at all times. For safety to become effective, the first step is that everybody from the top to the bottom should realize that there are no accidents led to fatality.

We at SGS train our staff to use safety equipments.

We also make sure that the safety plan is been implemented. Our staff regularly attends the safety Meetings held in the field. SGS operations are always conducted in a manner that will protect and minimize damage to the Environment.

Safety Policy and Regulation:

  • General Instruction for Workers and Supervisors
  • Hygiene and Environment
  • Training
  • Safety in the Base Camp
  • Mechanical Workshop Rules and Standards
  • Safety Standards for drivers
  • Driving Policy
  • Transportation Safety
  • Organization of Vehicle Movement
  • Accident Incident Reporting
  • Emergency Procedures
  • First -Aid

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